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OSLO, Norway - Yoga + Ayurveda with Marc & Amanda


Yoga + Ayurveda with International Guest Teachers Marc & Amanda

We all come to the Yoga practice for our own personal reasons.  This series of workshops is designed to penetrate the many layers of what brings us to the mat using Yoga & Ayurveda. Each workshop peeling back a layer. 


Whether building physical strength, unraveling the mind to taste peace, or giving more wood to the fire of the soul to express our purpose that arrives in the space in between the notes of music leaving room for what comes to us spontaneously through our Yoga practice.  


This is a 2 part weekend series of workshops.  You can choose to take the entire journey with Cleanse Your Lens & Doshas to Dharma or just sink into one… Choosing your Path with continuity.  


What to bring:

  • Pen & Journal 

  • Mat 

  • Hugs

Cleanse Your Lens

In this workshop we will be cleansing the lens of perception to see ourselves clearly and what lies deep in our subconscious. 

Harnessing the power of breath, movement and visualization to actualize your goals, vision and purpose and realize your full potential.

*Disclaimer: you're about to get RINSED!  Be prepared to be surprised by what you see inside!

Doshas to Dharma 

In this introduction to Ayurveda you will discover your dosha - your unique body mind type and how to individualize your diet, lifestyle and Yoga practice accordingly.  


We will then move into a Yoga practice and meditation to tap into your subconscious and discover your Dharma -your Life’s true purpose .


Saturday August  31st

Sunday September 1st


One day: Leela Member 300, kr / Regular 350 kr

Both days: Leela Member  500, kr / Regular 600 kr


Saturday: 3.30 pm - 6 pm

Sunday: 3.30 pm - 6 pm


Marc and Amanda**