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BERLIN, Germany @yogacafe_mindful_life - Yoga + Ayurveda with Marc & Amanda

  • Mindful Life Yoga Cafe gleimstr. 40 – 10437 b. Berin Germany (map)

This will be a 2 part series of workshops in the heart of Berlin hosted by Yoga Cafe.

Day 1: We will do a deep dive on into Ayurveda and why it is so relevant for modern, city living. 

You will discover your unique dosha (your body-mind constitution) and how to adapt your yoga practice, diet and daily routine for energetic balance. 

We’ll move, breathe and connect with yoga practices. You will also learn how Ayurveda can optimize your Sex life, Sleep pattern and more. 

Day 2: Slow down with Slow Burn. Perfect for a Sunday.

Slow Burn will be a creative Yoga asana flow, other movement modalities, cultivating a steady inner-fire and the breath to match. Marinating in the Practice as our minds and bodies burn through the old to make room for the new.

Moving, breathing and Being with reverence.

To learn more and book follow the link.